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She'll tell you a lot more than you should know, and sometimes, she'll tell you more than you want to know.Sometimes, she'll even let you know about guys she finds attractive.By the end, she'd reply almost immediately, which of course led me to conclude that the whole slow response thing at the beginning was purely intentional.Though I found it annoying at the time, I didn't worry too much about it.

Today, a stranger's number can be in the palm of your hand in an instance. Men, have you ever wondered the real reason why didn't text you back?

My books are gender and sexual orientation neutral.

I rarely write posts for just one gender but this one is mostly for women dating men but portions of it apply to everyone.

About a year ago I began dating a girl who was a horrible text responder. When I first asked her out, it took her three days to reply. When it comes to dating, no one wants to come off as too eager, but that seemed excessive.

As our relationship progressed, her text responses eventually came quicker.

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