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How about using databases of drivers’ licenses to cross-check ages? The point is, more effective safeguards are needed now, ….

My Space [should be] moving faster to set up age and ID verifications, not just study them.” Well, where do I begin?

I get so frustrated when I see comments like this because it is abundantly clear to me that people don’t think things through when it comes to age verification.

As I pointed out in my lengthy PFF report, “Social Networking and Age Verification: Many Hard Questions; No Easy Solutions,” age verification is extremely complicated, and it would be even more complicated in this case because public officials are demanding the age verification of minors as well as adults, which presents a wide array of special challenges and concerns.

The items must be "Publicly Published" before anyone will be able to see it on the public facing version of the CMS.

Of course, Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane was searched for Snowden last week by Austrian authorities–but the has the details on Snowden’s improved prospects, but does not describe the diplomatic negotiations surrounding his transfer in depth.

“Flirting via Quiz Up is not for the faint of heart,” wrote “This is not at all at something we originally planned for,” says Thor Fridriksson, founder of Quiz Up creator Plain Vanilla Games. As sure as any platform that allows users to upload content has been used for porn, it seems that any platform that allows people to interact has been used for dating.

In 2007, people were falling in love over ornamental bird purchases on e Bay. Then came marriages from relationships sparked on social sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Imgur (and its own Imgur-specific dating site).

This remarkable group of professionals has demonstrated their competency in the areas of cyber intelligence, investigations, prosecution, management, leadership and industry best practice’s through an intensive qualification and testing program.

As a result, each of them is awarded the coveted designation of CCIP and is recognized as leaders in their respective professions.

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The CCIP is the leading industry certification for law enforcement, loss prevention, private investigators, and fraud professionals.

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