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She also said that she and 50 Cent almost made something happen back in the day. “December” came out on the show, it was #1 of course. Then I took the song from ol’ girl [Erica Mena], that went #1 too, so that didn’t change nothing. I was like, ‘if this is what you want to do, then you go do that by yourself. We was having a conversation just saying you know, ‘I’m attracted to you.’ Okay, ‘well I’m attracted to you too, but we can’t do nothing cause it’s going to mess up everything.’ So we left it there.

He supported her career when other people weren’t feeling it and was even crying over the state of it in one scene from season two (“).But as the show went on, she focused on trying to build her career while he made the poor choice to work with and sleep with Erica Mena. I had a gut feeling one day when he was in the shower and I was like, ‘let me just look on the counter real quick.’I just left.Eventually, these two drifted apart and instead of doing so peacefully, things got ugly. He came out the shower and was looking for me, he came out the crib and was banging on my door.Fast forward a few months to this past April, and Mendeecees entered a guilty plea to charges that could land him in prison for close to a decade.Just last month, a US District judge handed down the maximum sentence to the reality star, and Mendeecees’ wife Yandy was chastised for throwing him a lavish going away (to the clink) party (twas a tad gauche).

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presumably in an effort to spice up the reality show for next season.

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