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Then somehow they got married in 2003 but it was on August 14, 2010 that her husband announced that she has ended her relationship with Friedman, Stanger said that Friedman was a “best friend” to her.

But, the couple knew that they needed to take some time to focus on themselves and other projects. "We loved Bravo and we loved the show and everything about it. The clients can be very draining, so it's a lot of babysitting and hand holding and craziness that goes with it. that kind of meant stepping away from every aspect of matchmaking there was.

And so we just needed a big break to breath a bit." "The show was a very big highlight of our life. "We had a few films that we had [and] projects that we wanted to put together and we couldn't be wholehearted into matchmaking. We knew if we hung around Patti we'd get sucked right back in." After stepping away from Patti and the series, the couple found a new way to help singles, serving as romance consultants for folks who are hung up on their exes.

He may feel like a big guy paying off your credit card bill or paying your rent, but in the end he'll just end up feeling like he's paying for your affection.

Whether it's making him dinner, baking him cookies or whatever you can.

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