Dating bruises in the elderly

Natural Supplements that may cause easy bruising when used in excess and combined with blood thinning drugs: Fish oils when used in excess Ginkgo biloba herbal extract may thin the blood Ginger supplement Garlic when eaten in excess Onions can thin the blood Q.

When taking supplements like ginger, curcumin, fish oil and Vitamin E, is it possible that combining all of these can make one's blood too thin?

There is also the chance that the bruise isn’t healing because of an underlying medical condition such as diabetes or hemophilia. How long a bruise lasts depends on the site of the bruise, the impact behind it, and the individual’s ability to heal—everybody is different, so there is no one simple answer.

The elderly, for example, bruise far more easily than children and adults up to 60 because their skin is thinner and their blood vessels are generally more fragile.

Bruising is bleeding that occurs underneath the surface of the skin. In patients with bleeding disorders, however, spontaneous bruising may occur or a bruise may appear with minimal injury.

Since they are formed from clotted blood, they tend to start out as dark or reddish shadowing close to the surface of the skin.

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