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It expects cost synergies of about million (£38.3 million), most of which by 2020.

"This campaign is designed to be intriguing and fun to increase excitement around the KFC brand in Hong Kong." KFC really did make this stuff—thus, it's not exactly a gag. The brand has released on online music video around the project, too, and is inviting Hong Kongers to choose the best flavor to go into mass production.He’s an idiot.” [mainbodyad]It wouldn’t matter if I turned out to be correct in the long-run because most folks won’t be around for the long-run.That’s why I often repeat the warning that neither I, nor anyone, has a clue what will happen to stock, bond, or real estate prices in the next year, or even five years.I normally avoid discussions of individual businesses unless I bring them up out of the blue because a lot of inexperienced people out there are off their rocker when it comes to reasonable expectations or knowing how the equity markets work. ”, not aware that stupidity in valuation can feed on itself.If I say Company ABC is overvalued and it goes up another 50%, they’re likely to think, “See? Likewise, if I say, “This is a great opportunity” and the stock collapses further, they are likely to think, “Why did I listen to him?

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  1. By 1825 an agency in Bishopsgate, London, opened three days a week for members of the public looking for a partner to describe themselves and subscribe to the appropriate list.

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