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“One day a detective from the police department showed up at my door.

The detective said he was investigating accusations of money being transferred to Nigeria,” Barbara says.

We share an offbeat sense of humor with a brassy temperament – and like me, she is single. ” I’ve spent the last year bouncing around, casually dating, engaging in steamy hook ups, getting involved to just get involved and being alone. I live in New York, I’m attractive, outgoing and smart (Granny blows a lot of steam up my ass, hence my inflated ego).

She’s there as an ice-breaker, an exit plan, and if the vibe is right, she’s also really good at disappearing. Granny Stollak: Honestly, I’m not crazy about either one of them. You’d stand with your girlfriends until some guy says dance with me, then you go.

Take a look for yourself at some of the panties below, you might even want to add some to your Christmas wish list this year.

She’s not the sweet-talking, cookie baking, crocheting type.

So, what does a woman know about dating in a world littered with twerking, selfies, and sexting? When it comes to dating, it seems as though some things have changed but many things are still the same. I’m not a movie star person, I consider myself more of a politician person. It makes it more personal, it’s just between you and me, not you, my girlfriends, the Internet, and me.

But if he offers, as a gentleman does, you say “Thank you, that’s lovely. What are your thoughts on posting topless or bikini pics on your dating profile? We would go to a dance to meet guys, that was how you hooked up back then. I went to many dances at the Mc Alpin Hotel, it was near Broadway.

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If a girl says to him, “Let’s grab some coffee,” she should pay. You’re sending a message that you’re here and ready and interested in sex. Even if a girl’s planning on sleeping with a man now or in three months, it’s still wrong. Well there’s certainly way more people in New York today, it’s definitely more crowded. What was the hot spot to go out with your girlfriends to when you were a young gal in the city?

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